Let's face it: A toilet, sink, shower, or tub that stops functioning properly is something that's bound to disrupt your daily quality of life. If you require of any type of toiler repair services, sink repair services, or tub/shower repair services, trust Willins Plumbing & Heating to get the job done. As an established plumbing company in Bay Shore, NY, we will get your bathroom back in order again so that you can get back to your regular routine.


At Willins Plumbing & Heating, we pride ourselves on quality service, no matter the task. When you call on us for toilet repair work, we'll arrive on the scene in a timely fashion, evaluate the condition of your toilet, and come up with a solution for a reliable fix. If it turns out that your toilet is beyond repair, we can help you replace it in no time so that you're not left with a malfunctioning bathroom.


You shouldn't have to put up with a leaking shower head, tub spigot, or hot/cold handles that you have to fiddle with in order to get them to work properly. Our trained team at Willins Plumbing & Heating understand what a pain this problem can be and will assess the situation swiftly and carefully so that the drip, drip, drip goes away once and for all. If you have leaks or wet spots somewhere around the perimeter or your shower or tub, the most frequent cause is aged, cracked, or bad caulk or grout. We will inspect for the common situations first in case there is a quick fix. If by chance, we determine there is a larger problem, we are well equipped to handle these types of issues as well, by replacing any fixtures, shower bodies, caulking, tile, grout, or tub surround.


The most common sink issues are clogs. Sink drains take the biggest beating in the home due to constant use with cooking and cleaning. If you're the "How To Unclog My Drain" type and tried simpler fixes like Draino with no luck, then call us because the issue may be larger than you think. Leave it to the experts at Willins Plumbing & Heating to unclog your drain and treat the sink as well to build up its defenses against future clogs.

To learn more about Willins Plumbing & Heating or to schedule an estimate for fixing a leaky toilet, shower, or sink, call us at 631-563-1004 or contact us using the below form today.